What You Should Know About Epigenetics


Innovation and advancement are two concepts that fit well into every single industry that has been pushed forward by humans. Thanks to their credible effort, we are at a stage where solutions come rushing. The same goes for epigenetics, and understanding more about the same will only enrich your knowledge about the position that we have reached. So to get all started and move ahead in the right direction, you need to read the following.



Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence. The change or the impact that it causes is a regular and natural one that can also be influenced by several factors like age, the state of disease, lifestyle, and so on. These modifications can manifest in the same manner as cells terminally differentiate between moving ahead and ending up as brain cells, skin cells, etc.

But that does not eliminate the damaging effects because an epigenetic change can bring in effects that can result in diseases like cancer.


The main reason behind such extensive knowledge is the level of advancement that research has placed us with epigenetics. It all began with scientists focusing on combining genetics and developmental biology. While the process was indeed a time-consuming one, it brought us forward to the research based on epigenetics. The renowned interest that scientists had towards this particular concept widened and everyone could make the most out of the same.

The different observations that individuals found through time went ahead to make changes that are known to be inclusive of the most critical aspects of the process. As a result, in today’s times, DNA methylation is one of the most broadly focused studies on epigenetic modifications. It all dates back to 1969 and picks out findings published by Griffith and Mahler. Apart from their findings, the subject has received other modifications that include histone, chromatin remodelling, and so on.

Lifestyle Changes

For the larger part of the picture, our epigenetic marks are known to be stable during adulthood. But they are also considered to be dynamic and adaptable based on the kind of lifestyle that we choose to live. The changes brought forward by epigenetics not only takes place in the womb but also throughout the course of human life span. As a result, a lifestyle filled with a systematic diet and other essential aspects are what we need. Hence, we all need to get a grasp of things and understand the impact that we stand to face.By being aware of the same, we can proceed to develop knowledge and understanding of the many things in life.

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