On Friday, 21st July 2017, the PrECISE technical and General Assembly (GA) meeting took place in Prague, Czech Republic.


The GA meeting was mainly dedicated to the ongoing periodic reporting session. The technical meeting focused on the ongoing research work of the single work packages, the upcoming challenges and the ongoing discussions between interacting partners. The discussion in WP1 and WP2 mainly focused on methods for predicting clonal compositions and evaluated them on synthetic data and on HCC profiles. The focus of the WP3 presentations was on prostatic cell line perturbation experiment time-course data processing and network reconstruction algorithms. WP4 is currently dealing with automatic reconstruction of molecular networks from publications, databases and datasets. In WP5 the focus lies on the integration of patient molecular data into the logical models - drug target prediction is one of the upcoming challenges. WP6 is currently selecting and preparing patient samples for molecular profiling. WP7 is working on the visualization of pathways and the data input interface. One of the upcoming challenges in general is taking into account a large number of factors and inputs from a variety of disciplines and tasks and integrate them in respect of the overall PrECISE goals. The meeting was great success and a lot of upcoming action points were defined.



The meeting was co-located with the 25th Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and the 16th European Conference on Computational Biology (ISMB/ECCB 2017). The PrECISE consortium was heavily involved in the poster sessions:

The consortium is currently planning a technical meeting involving also the ADVISORY BOARD members. This meeting is planned to be held in autumn 2017.