After three years of hard work a team of doctors and scientists from Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, France and the US are happy to announce the successful conclusion of the PrECISE project. Its main achievement was to build - with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) - a user-friendly interface which can sift through thousands of different data sets and publications in order to help the clinical research community to craft individualized treatment plans for men who suffer from prostate cancer. Not only that, PrECISE now inspires also other scientists to use AI in a useful way for cancer treatment. Many of the former project partners are now collaborating in a follow-up project – called iPC – which uses the same technologies, but focusing on children cancer.

To sum up the project, a new podcast edition as well as a brand-new video have been released on the project website. Follow this link to check them out:

If you are interested in all scientific publications that emerged from the PrECISE project, then have a look here: